Your new home in 3D

A few weeks ago I wrote about the quiet advance of WebGL graphics and how they were particularly suitable for technical visualisation. Today I've added a "3D Floorplan" to my site. The apartment's fictitious but the potential is not.

 Screenshot from Web3D model. See below for more

Screenshot from Web3D model. See below for more

Below you will find a 3D model embedded on a web page. You can click (activate) this model and, after a short download, be able to rotate and inspect it from all angles. You can even zoom in and explore each room in close-up. Owners of a mobile VR headset may even pop themselves into the flat and explore the space in VR.

This is a compelling and fresh approach to visualisation. Most barriers-to-entry have been removed: it works in all modern browsers; doesn't require any plugins; is supported by most modern smartphones; has built-in sharing functions.

Get in touch if you would like to know more.