Our Virtual Reality work in the British Museum

Today the British Museum lifted the veil of secrecy off a project I've been involved with, namely to recreate a Bronze Age round house inside the Samsung Gear VR headset. That's not the full story but it's the one which has grabbed the headlines.

In addition to the Gear VR headset, my team at Soluis (Sean McCurley, Nicola McCabe, Jonathan Knox, Mark Wilson, and Marc Mitchell) created a cross-platform Bronze Age experience for Samsung tablets and Soluis' giant immersive dome. In doing so the team worked some very long hours and smacked down dozens of significant technical and creative challenges. And, not only had the technology to work, it had to be historically accurate too. For that, the team at the Samsung Digital Discovery Centre (Lizzie, Juno and Neil) were brilliantly supportive and dispatched all the advice and Dev kits that we needed.

Great project; well done everyone!

British Museum offers virtual reality tour of Bronze Age

British Museum uses virtual reality to transport visitors to the bronze age