I'm leaving Digimania.

Today is my last day at Digimania. I've been here for six happy years but decided in October that it was time to move on. Today and yesterday my colleagues and friends did some lovely things for me and I've been deeply moved by the gestures, presents and cards. I twice declined the chance to make a speech of thanks, a move that may have seemed a bit ungrateful. The truth was that I found the whole experience a bit emotional and declined for fear of becoming a sobbing public wreck.

I've pulled myself together now and would like to say this:

Working at Digimania was the best job I've ever had. This was because the people - my colleagues past and present - are fantastic. They are a world-class collection of genuinely interesting, big-hearted and brilliant individuals. There is talent, brains, warmth and humility in every corner.

Thank you for my send-off. Sorry that you had to hear "Ice Ice Baby" last night.

Good luck to everyone at Digimania and thank you, Jeremy and Remy.


List of shared random good times

  1. Auntie Colin
  2. Competing in European Master Series of table football
  3. Go Ape
  4. Aw' the king's men
  5. Yellow kettle
  6. Cologne
  7. Stuttgart ska night
  8. The 5-minute oedema
  9. Magenta football strip
  10. Outing a British Government spy
  11. "Gun to your head"
  12. "Would you rather..?"
  13. TGI's
  14. Hardly David's son
  15. Various CMCs
  16. Office dogs
  17. Digiamigo
  18. JT wind ups (I put the spoon in your tie, by the way)
  19. Bar 10