Ferry visualisations and animation

Ferguson Marine and Caledonian Maritime Assets Ltd

A series of technical and promotional images with a short animation

Developing the images


These images were all created from scratch from engineering drawings and a 3D hull model. The ship was modelled, textured, lit and rendered in Cinema 4D.

The client was great. They were loose and trusting with their brief and quick to comment on drafts.


The 3D modelling, texturing and lighting were all enjoyable. Cinema 4D performed brilliantly. I used lots of XRefs to keep file sizes manageable and the new "Takes" system was simply brilliant at render pass management.


Only one: rendering. the combination of detailed models, displacement water surfaces and reflective materials made this a horror to render. Still, got through it by building an emergency render node for overnight previews and using Rebus Farm for large animation renders.

The animation

(c) Ferguson Marine Ltd, 2016

Development images