232 armoured vehicle

About the project

A visualisation for a rare German armoured vehicle from World War 2. The brief was "accentuated realism", basically photo-real but with a heavy coat of a exaggerated artistic licence.

Making of the image

1 - Research

The project started as a plastic model. This gave me three great pieces of research:

  1. A physical model that I could study
  2. Full-colour images for reference
  3. A set of accurate blueprints to scan

2 - Modelling and texturing

The tank was almost symmetrical so one half was modelled and mirrored. The tank's UVs were unwrapped and textures were painted for all the prominent parts. Each part got a diffuse, specular and bump map. Less prominent places were coloured with a handful of tiling textures.

3 - Lighting

Cinema 4D's lighting and render layer system is great. It's almost a one-button job, but not quite. I used the standard sky objects, placed a sunlight and asked for global illumination, ambient occlusion and several passes. As a "Maya guy" this effortless lighting toolset was a complete surprise to me. Did I miss the long-winded Maya/Mental Ray approach? Not one bit.

Development images